• The physical environment provides numerous sights, some of the major are:
      • The spring of the river Kalamas, at the area of “Hania”, at the heart of a shady sycamore forest.
      • The beautiful lake Zaravina, fifth deeper lake in Greece.
      • Theogefiro, a naturally created arch formation resembling a bridge on the river Kalamas.
      • The area of “Agion” on the river Gormos.
      • The waterfall of Kalamas river near the village Katarachtis.

      Man-made sights include:

      • The 15th century monastery of Sosinos, on the homonymous hill.
      • The 15th century monastery of St. Athanasios.
      • “Palioderveno”, a part of the street that connected Ioannina to Argirokastro during the years of the Turkish occupation.
      • The old watermill of Mossiori.
      • Several beautiful chapels around the village.
      • The abandoned village Old Mavronoros etc.