We organize hikes and thematic routes for you -that can be personalized- in the dreamy landscapes of the area following the traditional paths through shady forest and along rivers and streams. In these hikes you can be accompanied by a guide or not, according to your wishes.

    • Trekking, hiking and easy walking on Kasidiaris with its cool springs adjusted to your interests and experience!
    • Hunting in the area near the hotel or in the wider area of Pogoni with its rich fauna (wild boar, hare, woodcock etc.).
    • Horse riding through idyllic routes suitable for beginners or advanced riders or simply spending time with the horses of Mossiori Serai.
    • Boat rides and swimming in the crystal waters of the lake Zaravina.
    • Agricultural activities, like the cultivation of plants in the garden of Mossiri Serai, harvest, cutting firewood etc.