There, where the human environment meets the primordial elements of nature, where the lands of ancient Chaonians and Molossians merged, approximately 50 kilometers northwest of Ioannina, in Pogoni of Epirus, on the eastern slope of the verdant mountain Kasidiaris, there lies the location of the village Sitaria, which until a few years ago was called Mossiori.

    Here, in sunny Mossiori, which is endowed with a splendid view and a perfect climate, opposite Papigo in Zagori, on the lake Zaravina, Ali Pasha had built his resort, his Serai, according to the explorer Pouqueville who had visited the area.

    In this legendary area we have created Mossiori Serai (Mosiori Serai), a complex of four Tourist Furnished Residences and an Exhibition of Traditional Local Products and Tools of Traditional Craftmanship.

    The owner of the complex, being an architect himself, has utilized the preexisting building infrastructure that had lain there since the first half of the previous century. Thus, with the utmost respect to the traditional aesthetics and to the architectural forms and structural style of the past, it was converted with minimum and very careful interventions to the present outcome. Another major concern has been the minimization of the environmental and energy footprint during the construction phase, as well as during the operation of the Complex.

    Greek Tourism Expo 2017