Pogoni, the unknown…stunning part of Epirus.

    Here in Pogoni, at the northern end of the prefecture of Ioannina, near the border with Albania, wherever one turns his eyes, he observes mountains, peaks and low hill ranges fading away into the horizon.

    Vast thriving forests, impetuous rivers and small blue lakes are found everywhere. At the same time, the area is filled with stone villages embraced by the verdant scenery.

    Until one hundred years ago, at the edge of the Ottoman Empire, the cultural unity of Pogoni was strong, exactly as it was developed through the course of the Balkan history. After the Balkan wars, however, the shrinking of the Ottoman Empire and the definition of new borders, which shaped the territorial boundaries of Modern Greece, divided Epirus separating “sister” villages and people who had learnt to live in a coherent society and walk together in peace.

    In this historical and magical part of Greece we find Sitaria, old Mossiori and the Mossiori Serai.

    Friendly advice. As soon as you find yourselves in Pogoni, get rid of the maps and allow yourselves to get lost!
    You will get lost anyway, with or without a map!