Local Events & Festivals

    The leading event in Sitaria is St. Mary’s traditional festival on the 15th of August which attracts a large number of people. St. Konstantino’s festival is also very popular. These two festivals take place at the homonymous chapels dedicated to the Saints.

    A great number of cultural and artistic events take place in the area every year, such as the “Corn Festival” in Kouklioi, the “Forest Festival” in Vissani in August, St. Panteleimonas’ festival in Parakalamos on the 27th of July and much more.

    Moreover, several nearby villages celebrate the distillation of tsipouro.

    The major historical event is the celebration of “OHI” (NO) in Kalpaki, which commemorates the refusal of Greece on the 28th of October 1940 to accept the Italian ultimatum. The festivities include a representation of the events that took place on that date in 1940.

    The “Crawfish Festival” in the village Vrontismeni in August.

    St. Paraskevi’s festival in Vrontismeni on the 26th of July.

    St. Kosma’s festival in the village Areti on the 24th of August.